The foreplay technique makes the boyfriend sexually aroused

Before making love, some intimate flirtation foreplay, in addition to enhancing the intimacy between each other, but also let the boyfriend’s sexual desire rise, love fire instant tomb extended, but the girl is also skillful when provoking the boyfriend, as long as the following eight points, absolutely let him enjoy more exciting than love orgasm!

Sex foreplay #1 Light up the fire in layers

At first, don’t rush to hold the boyfriend’s restless lower body, you can gently caress the other parts of his body, from the neck, collarbone, chest all the way down, and finally rub back and forth in his inner thigh, a little bit of his inner fire, the package must not touch the sensitive belt, the turtle will look up first!

Sex foreplay #2 Orgasm [edge] is harder to resist than orgasm

Sometimes too fast to let the boyfriend orgasm but not interesting, with the palm of his body to press back and forth, master the appropriate strength, when there is no response can be a little heavier, so that he quickly reached the peak and then convert to gentle caressing, so that the orgasm [edge “back and forth also make the pleasure more lasting, enjoy the peak feeling of stimulation than the orgasm!

Sex foreplay #3 Bold erotic flirtation

You can try to be bold and hot, sit on his body with open legs, and slowly caress his lower body while saying some provocative words in his ear, such as: “Baby you are hard”, “dear you are strong”, etc., absolutely make his head instantly filled with blood, immediately like a bad Wolf to throw you down!

Sex foreplay #4 Flatten current through fingertips

Use your nimble fingers before you make love! With the fingertips in the hole gently scraping, if there seems to be no, dragonfly water like caress absolutely tease his heart tickle, as if the whole body flowing crisp and crisp current, this feeling must make him roar constantly, detonating orgasm

Sex foreplay #5 Hot and hot

At the same time, don’t forget to trigger the best part of the orgasm, directly attack the egg to let him fly into the clouds! Using one hand to press and rub the balls, the other hand as an aid or caress other parts, the pleasure of the mat will definitely make the little turtle want to be proud, and maybe surrender before sex!

Sex foreplay #6 Adjust the rhythm of pleasure

In addition to strength, proper rhythm and speed is also an important part of foreplay, hand speed let him immediately high to the sky, slowly let him hold it, and the skill is to adjust the appropriate rhythm, let him wander between the two, pleasure layer upon layer, easily pushed to the top of the wave, let him rout!

Sexual Foreplay #7 Communicate beforehand

Want to spend a night of love that each other can enjoy, prior communication is absolutely essential, you can ask the boyfriend how to make him more comfortable, in the process of service can also try to find his sensitive points, or let the boyfriend directly tell you the way he likes to touch, each other can be immersed in the atmosphere of love, but also let both sides have the feeling of being valued!

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