Conquer a man, make him linger

How to Keep Love fresh: Capturing a man’s Needs

Most women have been happy for a short time. Why is happiness so short? According to research, the shelf life of love is only 18 months.

After 18 months, if people don’t take the initiative to do something about it, there will be a three-year itch, a seven-year itch.

The Qiongyao romantic love of “mountain without edge, heaven and earth together, only dare to be with the king” staged on TV is actually very rare in real life.

Therefore, women should be sober enough not to sit back and wait, and use the right method to extend the life of their love.

A lot of women say, I’m beautiful and have a good body, he will definitely fuck me.

As everyone knows, men like a person often begins with the appearance level, trapped in talent, loyal to the soul.

“Looking good” is just a stepping stone, and the wonderful thing about long-term attraction is that it captures a man’s sense of need and underbelly.

To catch a man’s weakness is not to pick on him in life, but to let you know more about the man.

You can talk to him about his childhood, talk about his past love experiences, and even talk about his work and interests, so that you can judge whether this man is suitable for you.

Play hard to Get – Get a man hooked on you

There’s a memorable scene in the acclaimed Hollywood classic Heartsteal in which the heroine asks the hero why he’s madly in love with the photographer woman, to which Jude Law replies with a profound, “No, because she doesn’t need me.”

Even if you want him and need him in your heart, you should always keep yourself sober and independent.

Shakespeare once said, “To be happy with a man, you should know him better than you love him.”

For the vast majority of men, things that are too easy to get, they tend not to value. Women give them too much love, they will feel cheap.

Therefore, it is really necessary for women to learn to play hard to get. There is a law of appreciation in psychology, which is very consistent with the love between the opposite sex.

That is, women treat men with a cold attitude, not too enthusiastic, but men will increasingly miss.

Fatal attraction – Men can’t give up

In the TV drama “The first half of my life”, Luo Zijun before divorce is such a woman with physical appearance and stature.

She will only go shopping, spend money, gossip with her husband one day, and then with bestie Tang Jing ridicule parents. She thought her life was full, and she was proud of it.

But all this is nothing in the eyes of the elite He Han in the workplace, and what he despises most is this kind of “breast without brain” woman.

In fact, husband Chen Junsheng is already tired of Luo Zijun, although the small third Ling Ling is already a middle-aged woman who is no longer young, but she Chen Junsheng lonely office, to provide him with a gentle.

There is a quote in the Divorce Lawyer: “Wall Street jargon says that every trade has a position, and dating a woman is called a trading position.” When the value falls, if you don’t choose to throw her out, you will hit the hand!”

Even if a woman is beautiful, youth will eventually pass away, there will always be someone younger and more beautiful than you, so the core attraction of a woman is not the level of appearance, but your sexual attraction.

A lot of people might come out and say, are we made to please men?

A big mistake. Sexual charm is your own charm, it is your skill, it is an ability based on pleasing yourself.

We have been telling female students that they should first understand themselves, please themselves, and then please their lovers, and pleasing their lovers is actually relatively utilitarian.

But as long as we live in this world, we inevitably have to deal with human relationships, especially intimate relationships. So, dealing with intimacy, letting a man get on top of you, is a must for every woman.

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