How to flirt, can make a woman can’t stop!

The most important thing to get along with lovers is interest, how to make the love between you full of romance and passion, flirting is an essential link.

Learning to flirt is also a must for every mature man, although flirting sounds really explicit, but this is the exchange of hormones between men and women. How to tease the girlfriend’s heart is very important to a man.

So how can flirting turn a woman off? Here are some flirting tips a man must learn, or you’ll miss out.

First, the initial stage

1. Body language

You can talk to girls very intimately, but if they want to be your girlfriend and you want to get your body up and do things that regular friends wouldn’t dare do, like: baby, Mian Da, kiss me, did you miss me today? Wait, a man has to be a little bit bad for a woman to like it, and the same old pattern doesn’t get you anywhere.

2, cause her small mood fluctuations

You know, the kid who picks on the girl, kicks her, pats her, pulls her in the face. A woman will like you if you are harmless and offensive.

Two people are high on a date when they suddenly stop talking and look her in the eyes. When she also looks at you affectionately, you can tell her that her eye shit did not wipe clean, see if she will hit you?

Name her silly, such as Piggy, Stupid, Big Fool, Little Runt…… The name determines the structure of your relationship, the more polite the name, the further away your relationship.

3. Play the long game and catch the big fish

Smart, bad guys don’t start off hot with women. Too hot men, often easy to be disgusted by women. Because women also know that there must be an intention behind a man’s gallantry.

Therefore, men will intermittently increase the heat, so that women do not feel attentive, but also continue to maintain contact with women, and this connection can be more and more deepened.

4. Make yourself smell good

Sometimes girls will be attracted by the unique fragrance of men, this time we may wish to buy some perfume spray, but remember to be very very light.

Second, the advanced stage

1. “tiao play me, you bad guy. Seduce me, make me forget my stress, my troubles, if only for a moment.”

Women want men who take the initiative and have the courage to lead them forward. They want men to accept them, tiao play, gou, lure them, give them never had the feeling and experience, she likes this wonderful feeling.

Picking on her, seducing her, to get her excited. A tentative touch can get a woman’s full attention, remove her nervousness and reduce the awkwardness of an awkward moment. Continue your flirtation. Keep it short and sweet.

Short, sweet phrases include: “Don’t be rude”, “Don’t do that” or whispering in your ear: “I like you so much”, “If you touch it, my heart beats so hard” and so on.

Whet her curiosity, whet her appetite, let her indulge in her imagination, and let her move until she can’t resist your attraction. In fact, when things are going well, women become enthusiastic, too.

2. Tell me what you want to do. What do you really want?”

When things get to this stage, most men rush ahead and stop doing the things that got them there in the first place, thinking, “She’s interested in me too, so she must want me to go further.” It’s about time, “and the curtain easily opened.

The worst thing a man can do is “rush it.” Going too fast or speeding up the temptation just shows that you have no experience, no control, and lack of confidence.

When she says she doesn’t want things to go that fast, no matter what you guess in your mind, you have to get down first and go ten times slower than you think. Now that you’ve got things moving at a normal pace, get back to your feelings.

Always be emotional and use your best words. Let her see what you see, hear what you hear, smell what you smell, feel what you feel. You must choose the right words to convey to her all your thoughts, feelings and impressions of her.

Don’t say something so empty and boring that you’ll just get an “oh” or something. It is all too easy to fall into the trap of using vivid language, which is to use language that puts too much emphasis on physical responses rather than emotional ones.

3. “Oh? Is everything you just said true? Prove it.”

Women only want to be seduced if you actively give off seductive signals. When seducing a woman to this extent, most women will like you and allow it to come, but at least one thing, they don’t want to be deceived by you.

Unfortunately, this is where most men fall short. They are less committed than promised. This is a fundamental mistake, to set people’s expectations too high, and to give people’s expectations a meaningless answer.

Respect a woman’s intelligence, and they will respect you. If you give them expectations and don’t end up getting what you implied in your banter, they’ll resent you for it.

“Let me remember you, let me remember this moment.” Etched it all in my mind.”

If you had such a perfect beginning, full of intense emotion, you have a feeling that you will have a perfect ending, right?

If you want to remember this feeling so that she never forgets you, then do something to etch the experience in her mind, the most effective way to get someone to remember you is to deepen and reinforce your attraction by where you started and where you ended.

Seduction, seduction, tiao drama, to bring her never had the feeling and experience, she likes this wonderful feeling, maybe you will start a new chapter in life, who knows?

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