How to do “foreplay” well?

The word “foreplay” is a distinctly male term because penetration seems to be the real thing for men. And for women, from the kiss, it’s already sex. Gentle undressing, gentle touching the whole body, a variety of licking kisses, even if not inserted, will make a woman feel the ultimate ecstasy.

Why do women need foreplay?

Foreplay is essential for women, and erections for men are not controlled by the brain. That is, the lower body itself will “think”, and the average man can get an erection quickly with a little idea, within a few seconds.

And women are controlled by the brain, their excitement leads to pelvic cavity, Y toe congestion, Y channel can secrete love fluid, women can be excited by foreplay. It is said that women are made of water, water is cold, you do not boil her how hot? And it doesn’t immediately cool down when it gets hot.

If not foreplay, eager to have sex, women are not ready at all, Y channel does not secrete love liquid, the most typical situation is very painful!! So being willing to do foreplay is the most basic cultivation of a man in bed!

How do you do good foreplay?

Sexual life is not a simple insertion movement, but also need some physical communication. For example, caressing each other before sex can not only eliminate tension and anxiety, but also allow each other to relax, arouse sexual desire, and gradually “enter the state.”

Some old drivers will flirt with small objects around them, such as jelly, ties, ice cubes, etc., which can often ignite new “sparks” in flirting.

Four amazing sexual foreplays

1. Never get tired of kissing her a thousand times

Kissing is probably the most important and common part of many sexual interactions. Whether it’s a point-to-point kiss or a wild French tongue kiss, you can effectively turn your partner on.

In addition to men can kiss on the lips, ear lobes, neck, X and other sensitive areas known to the general public, do not ignore other parts, you should be brave to explore, bold innovation ah!

2. A gentleman does what he says

Don’t keep your hands busy at this time! The touch of the finger belly is as light as it can be, the fingertip rotates in circles, the finger presses, digs, and moves in and out, etc., which can be used in all imaginable and untapped sensitive areas.

3, immature advice: stimulate the sexual organs

Don’t think that the sexual organs part is reserved for sex, for some people, slightly stimulating the sexual organs is very exciting. In a foreign sample survey, 95 percent of men and 91 percent of women said they had used their hands to stimulate their partner’s penis or boobs.

4, two-way communication, deep embrace

Men and women should communicate more and create more romantic atmosphere. At the same time, close embrace, body rubbing and other contact, also often make women’s hair stand up, Jiao panting again and again, the body gently tremble.

Many partners often fall into the trap of thinking that the behavior they feel comfortable with will also make the other person comfortable. However, foreplay without communication can only be the imagination of two people! Study hard and ask questions, communicate with each other, sum up experience, and practice well! No practice, no progress!

How long is appropriate for foreplay?

First of all, I have to clarify a concept with you first, foreplay time is not the longer the better!

Many people struggle with the length of foreplay. If the time is long, there is no passion, and if it is too short, it appears that the purpose of the thief is strong, and the lack of emotional communication. The short foreplay time is also the focus of many girls’ complaints, and some inconsiderate men even skip the foreplay directly! So how long is the right amount of foreplay?

In fact, the length of foreplay is best for each person. Physiologically speaking, the proper wetting of the girl and the full erection of the little brother indicate that they are ready, and they can end the foreplay and enter the main topic. Emotionally speaking, only when the two sides have the desire to combine can they be said to be ready.

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