What does it take to make a perfect car jolt?

Car shock, in an extended sense, refers to two people having sex in the car, which causes the vibration of the car.

Many media often report some stars’ car shock behavior, which belongs to personal privacy, but if it affects the feelings of people around, it is a little unreasonable.

“Car shock” was once considered a synonym for “improper relationship between men and women”, in the early days of reform and opening up, the coast of coastal cities were often occupied by “car shock”, and many tourists denounced it as “moral decay” and “ignorance of shame”.

However, today’s car bumpers tend to be legal couples or intimate lovers, and it seems reasonable for them to believe that what they do or do not do in their cars is personal freedom.

A rush of hedonism, or a steady stream of traditional love? The collision of “car shock” is not only the “apricot liberation movement” that entertains the eye, but also the contradiction of love concept in the social transformation period.

One netizen said mockingly: “I think car shock is reality is not hot network heat, at least like YY car shock there are a lot of people.”

The psychology of “voyeurism” is a relatively common social psychology, and it is precisely under the drive of this psychology that “car shock” has become the title of countless gossip news, strongly attracting readers’ attention.

After this, young people who still rely on “car shock” to seek stimulation show an excited psychology of looking forward to being peeped.

So how do you create a romantic killer

01 Car fragrance

Find out in advance what types of scents the other person likes, and the right fragrance can definitely double your success rate and their satisfaction rate. Some models like Mercedes-Benz and BMW have their own fragrance generator, which can be used to understand the designer’s intentions.

02 Interior atmosphere light

Interior atmosphere lights, as the name suggests, is to add some romantic atmosphere to the life of the car.

The same as the taste, the interior atmosphere light is not how gorgeous, how bright, even a dim yellow light, can only see the outline of the other side, in fact, will give this experience a lot of points.

03 Romantic little gift

Even if two people have the same idea in their hearts, you need to give each other a surprise before the car shock, a reason to cooperate with you.

Carefully prepared small gifts are undoubtedly the easiest way, but remember, no matter how expensive the gift, do not take it out of the glove box, it will appear very Low.

At this point, you need a secluded storage space to create a little romance, such as Cadillac’s touch-open center storage compartment.

What should I pay attention to?

● Park your car and choose the right environment

It is best to park in an unobtrusive place, such as the corner of a parking lot or in a sheltered area. Learn to develop “new attractions” on your own.

However, it is best not to go to places that are too dark or too remote, for fear of any danger, unless you are already very familiar with it.

Also be careful not to park in a place that obstructs other people’s access, otherwise when you have a lot of orgasms, someone honks the horn or bangs on the door to tell you to get out of the way, it will be too much of a distraction.

● Maintain air circulation in the car

The first principle is to keep the air in the car circulation, do not close the doors and Windows because of fear of being found by passers-by.

If the outside of the car is too hot or too cold, it is necessary to use the external circulation of the air conditioner to ensure that the air in the car can flow up, you should know that the amount of oxygen in the small space in the car is completely not enough for two people to exercise violently for a long time.

It must be noted that the car should not be shaken in a closed environment (such as an underground garage). If you can’t help it, you must remember to turn off the car, otherwise there will be the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.

● Manual seats are easier to push down quickly

People who have experienced car shock know that in terms of car shock alone, in fact, manually adjusted seats are more convenient than electrically adjusted seats.

PS: Is that why the passenger seat is manually adjusted?

Just kidding, but the electric adjustable seat with seat memory function is actually very convenient, you only need to set the required position in advance, and the slowly adjusted seat will make the other party feel that you are not anxious.

● Should you choose front row or back row?

Empirically speaking, front row actually makes more sense.

Since the other person will definitely be sitting in the passenger seat, you can roll over and grab him/her.

Of course, this is for the car, as long as the seat is adjusted, in fact, the space between the front and back is not much. If it is a relatively large SUV or MPV model, it must be more lively in the back.

But whether you’re in the front or the back, it’s better to take the woman’s position, unless your interior is high enough.

Finally, we should pay attention to the people to take care of, although the scenery is good, the atmosphere is good, but you are still careful, remember to wear TT oh!

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