How do you make a man totally addicted to you?

One. Learn to maintain your home-court mentality

Why is it called flirtating Han, not chasing men? Please first realize the difference in strength from these two words. Tease Han, is you stand in their own position to tease each other; Pursuit is when you are attracted to the other side’s home field. If you want to flirt, the first thing you need to pay attention to is that you need to keep your own pace throughout the whole time.

What is their home field, how to ensure their own pace? Make a very simple explanation: since it is a tease, then from the intensity of the understatement do not have to force too much, do not change your daily lifestyle, the work work should eat dinner, the party with friends and friends, flirtation is just a pastime outside of your daily life. In the process of contact, be sure to avoid the role of acting as a direct girlfriend of the other person, to tell yourself that no matter how warm he shows, you are just ordinary friends

When the relationship has not yet developed to this stage, it is best to treat it as an entertaining and relaxing thing to deal with

Such a relaxed state of mind can allow you to protect yourself in the whole process of flirting with Han, and will not give either side any pressure, but can promote the relationship. We have to understand that the people we finally like are the ones who get along with us easily and happily and bring us a strong sense of comfort. Therefore, if you want to flirt with Han success, the first and most important principle is to stand on your own home field, maintain your own rhythm, and easily carry out communication with each other.

Two. Learn to brainwash men

If you don’t brainwash, it’s easy to be passive in your relationship with men. Unless he’s a domineering CEO who loves you a lot, has a lot of money, and treats you a lot better, then you’re gonna have to think about how you’re gonna manage the relationship.

First of all, at the beginning of the relationship, whether you like him or not, you have to instill in the man a “I am expensive, I am not easy to use” concept. In fact, you are telling him: if you do not show sincerity, I will not consider dating you.

Even if you don’t say it, but your behavior and language, you have to push him away in this way, let him think that you are not easy to use, but you will still give him a chance, but in the end, whether he can pass the test, it is up to you.

For example, did you choose a fancy western restaurant or a street food stall? Did he give you a new gift that was carefully prepared and selected according to your preferences, or an old one that he found at a sale? Of course, there is no clear boundary here, according to your own value and his own ability to make money to consider, but he has no intentions, how much energy invested in you are visible.

In short, the point of this stage of brainwashing is: I only want to be with people who treat me well, I don’t kneel and lick.

Three. Learn to give men availability

Read the above, many girls will fall into a misunderstanding, is like to pretend high and cold, silently see men one-way for us to pay.

We all want to see a man invest a lot in himself during the romance phase and think that the longer the investigation period, the more invested, the more committed the man will be to himself. But this theory is actually not valid during the pursuit, when you let the man invest for you to pay for you, you also have to give the corresponding positive feedback.

You think about it, if a guy in the pursuit of you that month, every date to treat you to dinner, and then send you home, and give you a more elaborate gift, may also give you care when you are busy at work or encounter other troubles, spend time to understand your preferences to make you happy and so on. These things took a lot of his time, money and energy. But if you ultimately reject him, the cost of his pursuit of you is a “sunk cost.”

So now a lot of girls will have a doubt, how the boys chasing after not chasing? Just because they think the cost of chasing you is too high, and they can’t see any response from you to the relationship, they just quit.

Therefore, the so-called “regardless of cost” pursuit mostly exists only in romantic film and television literature works, and in the real world, everyone is still just ordinary people. In real life, all men are very realistic, the most afraid is to chase for a long time, money and energy are smashed into a pile of money and no return.

Then, you want to avoid the occurrence of this “chasing after and disappearing” situation, what you have to do is very simple – repeatedly imply that as long as he tries a little harder, it is very likely to chase you, that is, to release a availability of “bait” to him.

You have to let him realize that you see his pay for you, and very much recognize his pay, as long as he pays for you, he will get your favor, but at the same time, if you want to get more of your good feelings, you have to pay more in this direction.

Four. Learn to use interrupts

We all get anxious about what we haven’t done yet, which keeps something or someone on our minds.

For example, if a job is not completed, you must be always thinking about it, eating and sleeping are not at ease, and you always feel that something is going on in your heart. Moreover, the unfinished work stays in your mind until it becomes a finished work. For example, to travel to other cities, if you do not take care of the local attractions, eat local specialties, must be deep in memory, never forget. Until there is a chance to go again, the scenic spots to play, the special dishes to eat, just forget this wish.

In the emotional aspect is also the same, if a relationship has been staying in the secret love stage, or the budding stage of love, it will be deeply engraved in people’s hearts, into a forever lingering good.

Therefore, people always say that regret is the most unforgettable, first love is the most beautiful, and what you don’t get is always the best.

Therefore, in the process of communicating with male God, we can also appropriately create some unfinished events, so that he can never forget you.

There are many things that can be done, for example.

Boys and girls date, generally eat first, and then watch a movie, and then may go to the road, bar chat, disco dance, and some will be clapping for love.

For guys, it’s part of the plan. In this process, if we terminate the date after watching the movie and find a reason to hurry home, the plan behind the boy will not be able to smoothly implement.

For boys, this is an unfinished event.

Then, he will surely remember in the future, and find a way to implement this plan. Also, when the conversation is reaching its climax, such as gossip is about to be revealed, suspense is about to be revealed, and important plot is about to be revealed, finding an excuse to stop the conversation will have the same effect.

However, it should be noted that although unfinished events have this effect, the frequency of manufacturing should be controlled and not too high. If you repeatedly bring the other party a bad dating and chatting experience, the relationship development will be negatively affected.

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