How to drive safely in the bathroom?

For sex in the form of food,

Everyone must be tired of it.

If you want to play tricks…

The bathroom is a good choice.

For busy modern people,

Taking a shower is a way to decompress.

Imagine being in a steamy bathroom,

Two people are “honest” with each other,

For a wet, intimate experience…

Narrow space

Cold wall

Warm bath water

Although it’s not like a room with a comfortable bed

But everywhere is the excitement of apricot fun!


Before we get started, here are some important safe driving tips:

Pay attention to non-slip, safety first

The bathroom space is relatively small, and wet walls and tile floors can make the whole bathroom dangerous.

In the intense exercise, the slightest mistake, sprains and injuries are common.

If there is a large bathtub, prepare a non-slip mat to wash the perfect two-style bath outside the bathtub, and pay attention to safety when taking the bath.

Condoms may not be safe

Not only do condoms come off easily in the bathroom, but latex condoms may increase the risk of breaking if exposed to hot water.

Get planB, or change your birth control method. For example, take short-acting birth control pills on a regular basis if you follow your doctor’s advice.

Use silicon-based lubricants

Water will wash away the natural body fluids secreted by the body, making it more dry, and in daily life we generally use water-based lubricants that are easy to rinse and are not suitable for use in water.

Silicon-based lubricants, which we often see on condoms, are better lubricated and insoluble in water.

Multiple ways to play, both inside and outside the brain wet

Stand on the wall

Some bathrooms have clear glass cubicles, and the bathing process is really shameful and naked, but it’s also great for foreplay!

The fun of this compartment is that when the back wall is open, you can see fingerprints, water marks, and traces of body rubbing! Although there is no way to see the other perspective of each other’s bodies pressed against the clear glass, just imagining it is enough to make you wet.

Enter behind the sink

Do you ever wonder what your face looks like when you lose control? If there is a secure sink in the bathroom, try letting him enter behind you so he can see himself in the mirror!

Let him bathe you

Try teaching your boyfriend to give you a bath. First of all, it is best to have a bathtub, you can lie in it and let him practice from washing his hair, and then slowly wash your body, sliding over and teasing your sensitive spots!

Rubbing with soap can feel a bit like a massage, and if you like a gentle wash, you can let your boyfriend touch you directly with both hands covered in body wash.

Another pleasure of sex in the bathroom is the sound, the water will make the sound of sex sound particularly seductive, the pleasure of moaning and cake tide cry will have echoes, in the sound of water sounds more color!

Try something different with your partner~

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